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I have added a few lessons in the Chord Progressions series. The series will be reorganised. But as with everything, it takes time. I have included lessons on the primary chords (I, IV and V), as well as the secondary diatonic minor chords.

The Chord Progressions series will be a place to start if you want to know more about chord progressions and application of chords. For more in depth information you will be referred to corresponding lessons in the Theory series. And for examples, including references to songs where you can hear the progression, you will be referred to the relevant progressions in the Chord Progressions Section.

  • http://www.torvund.net/guitar/index.php?page=bluespro-1 Mark

    I’m not sure where to post this comment, so this might need to be moved somewhere else….

    First, I love the new site format! As more individual pages are cleaned up, it will get better and better.

    Unfortunately, I think I found a couple of bugs with the backing tracks. In the Blues Progressions lesson for “Basic 12-bar blues”, you state that the “Blues Progression 2″ first line is I-IV7-I-I7 but the MIDI files (both with and without turnarounds) seem to have I-IV7-IV7-I7 (i.e., the third measure does not return to the I-chord). I’ve confirmed this using Band-in-a-Box Demo, but this version does not let me save changes to the files. Any chance you can correct these? On the other hand, perhaps I’m missing something since the files were created in 2002 and I would think someone would have noticed this during the last 5 years.

    Also, the MinorBlues_1.zip file only contains 25 of the 27 backing tracks of the “Basic Minor Blues progression Type 1″. It is missing MinorBlues-1_65_Gxm.MID and MinorBlues-1_120_Gxm.MID. Not much of a problem (I just downloaded the 2 individual files as well as the zip file), but thought you should know.


  • http://www.torvund.net/guitar admin

    Thank you for telling. I will look into these issues.

    If I do not know about the errors, then I cannot correct them. Please continue to report errors.

  • ray

    When a progression starts i iii is that (in C) Am Em?

    It couldn’t be Cm Em right?

  • http://www.torvund.net/guitar admin

    If it is C-major, I-iii is C-Em. Am-Em is vi-iii.

    i-iii is an odd progression. With minor as root I can hardly think of a iii-chord in this progression. The typical 1-3 in minor would be i-IIIb. Do I refer to i-iii in som of the lessons? (I cannot find it, can you please tell me where I am saying this, and I will look into the issue.)

  • ray

    Wow, when you answer a question; you answer a question!! I think I’m not so crazy anymore. I’ll have a lot of work to do to work through this and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your answer and the time you took with it. As you say, the I IIIb VIb was just an example, I haven’t seen it either but with some of the hardest rock; who knows what the chords are? I was trying to ask: If I start in am is a I or a vi. ie Honey “See the tree how big it’s grown” (Bobby Goldsboro).

    Let me think about this and work through ALL you have answered. As I say, I wanted to get back to you right away to express my sincere appreciation for all the time andf effort you put into responding to me.


  • plinkyplonk

    This is the first time i’ve found your site, i gotta say how clear and well explained everything is, time you’ve finished it’s gonna be awsome.
    Thanks a bunch, plinkyplonk

  • http://www.torvund.net/guitar admin

    Thank you, plinkyplonk. The development of a site like this is a never ending story. It will never be finished, but new material is added frequently. (I am seeing the end of the transition from old to new technology, whic means that I can start concentrating on the content again …)