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Due to some technical changes all pages was set back to the default template. This template does not fit all the pages. But I have to change template for the pages one by one, and it takes some time. Please be pacient. It will be fixed.

  • Rex Ward

    Does this apply to your backing tracks page? I loved the backing tracks. Now when I try to go there, I just get books. Also, does this apply to the home page. When I try to go home, I get sent to some CMCS(?) page that has nothing to do with the guitar site. Here’s hoping things will get better. Frankly, the site was great the way it was. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • http://www.torvund.net/guitar admin

    The backing tracks will reappear. They are there, but they are not presented in one section.

    Do you still get this problem with the home page? There may have been some temporay problems with this, but they should be fixed.

    I simply had to do something with the site. You may say “If it ain?t broke, don?t fix it”, but it was to a large extent broke behind the scene. As it was, it took too much time to update the site.

    I have – actually this week – changed ISP. The one I was using did not provide enough resources (php-memory) for the site. Users got error-messages and had trouble getting info from the site, Google got error-messages and did not index the guitar section of the site and I had trouble with the editing.

    During the transition there may have been some trouble. But my new ISP does not support ASP. Until a year ago my site was based on ASP, which is a Microsoft scripting language. It was not a sophisticated implementation, but the scripts were ASP. Then I changed to php, a free scripting language. But the ISP I have just left also have some ASP emulation. The old sections that still was not rewritten, among them the Backing Tracks and Chord section, was based on ASP. Unfortunatly, they no longer work as my recent ISP does not have ASP-emulation. But they will come back.