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I have just returned from a concert with the Australian acoustic guitar wizard Tommy Emmanuel here in Oslo.

At a concert one should enjoy the music, not look at the players’ technique. But being a guitar nerd I could not help doing both. If there is one kind of message from the concert to all guitar players out there, it is: Don’t restrict yourself.

We are often given the advice that we should concentrate. Be the best in what you are good at, and forget about the rest. You cannot do it all. But Tommy Emmanuel did it all – almost. He fingerpicked with and without a thumbpick, he flatpicked, he did hybrid picking (flatpick and fingers) and he played with the thumbpick as if it was a flatpick. And he used his guitar as percussion. I have never heard anyone getting that much out of an acoustic guitar.

If you are trying to make a career, it may be an idea to play on your strength and not end up as a jack of all trade. But you can also think of building a repertoire of techniques, and use what is best suited for the situation.

For a person like me, who has never had any ambitions more than playing for my own pleasure, it is good to know that I do not have to restrict myself to just one basic technique. But I will never be able to play like Tommy Emmanuel in any of the techniques I use.

  • jon parker

    I have heard a bit of Tommy Immanuel only on cd and a little off VHS tape. I have been at my own enjoyment like you gradually developing some technique. Tommy is an incarnated wizard, after his soul perhaps once played harp and lute? I agree, do not restrict, my saying is no fences…this instrument may bring peace to this world as a collective vibration happening!

  • http://www.acoustic-guitar-player.com/2008/05/13/tommy-emmanuel-center-stage Acoustic Guitar Player

    I’ve been listening to Tommy Emmanuel’s new live recording, Center Stage. There is some brilliant playing and accomplished entertaining to hear. I love what he plays, but love my guitar too much to try playing his pieces.

  • http://www.omdu.net Per Østlie

    Tommy Emmanuel will have a show at Oslo Konserthus 4. april 2009.

    It will be a jawdropping experience!

  • http://www.torvund.net/guitar admin

    Where and when can I get tickets?

  • http://the-guitar-store.net Used Guitars and Amps

    I didn’t know about Tommy Emmanuel until not long ago. I saw him on a TV show here in the states. He’s quite possibly THE BEST! guitarist that I’ve ever seen. Truly unbelieveable.

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