Arkiv for January, 2008

“New books and videos” may not be new …

Wednesday, 30th January, 2008

The list of New books and New videos in my “Bookstore” are generated by selecting a limited number of updated records from the database. They will automatically be removed from the list when three months have elapsed from the the time they were added or updated. As I have done some changes to all the records as part of the redesign, all records are marked as updated January 29, if they have not been added or updated after that date. I will not change the selection, meaning that all books and videos will qualify as “new” until the end of April. Until then, this lists will be misleading. But new additions or updates will always be on top.

Scale Exercises

Monday, 21st January, 2008

I have started to move the “Navigating the Fretboard” or scale section to my reorganized site. It was a section that was a “work in progress” when I decided to rebuild the site. And now it is a transfer in progress and a section to be completed when the transfer is done. So far there are various scale exercises in Box 1 (first position) in G-major. But more will come.

I have not included it in the menu on the main site yet, as it is very far from complete. But as long as you go there after having read this disclaimer, it is OK. You find the section at

Keep yourself updated

Sunday, 20th January, 2008

I am constantly working on the site. There are still sections that are not transferred from the old site and new material is added. To keep yourself updated, simply subscripe to the RSS-feed from this bolg:, and you will be informed when there are news worth telling.

On the top of Google!

Tuesday, 15th January, 2008

From time to time I do a Google search to check my ranking. I usually search for blues guitar. As long as my site is listed on the first page, it is good. Most often it has been somewhere between 3 and 5. But today, for the first time, it was number one!

As far as I know, Google is to some extent regionalized. It may be that people searching from other parts of the world will get a different result. But I still see it as a significant improvement of my ranking.