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From time to time I do a Google search to check my ranking. I usually search for blues guitar. As long as my site is listed on the first page, it is good. Most often it has been somewhere between 3 and 5. But today, for the first time, it was number one!

As far as I know, Google is to some extent regionalized. It may be that people searching from other parts of the world will get a different result. But I still see it as a significant improvement of my ranking.

  • Gavin

    Your website is brilliant. I’ve been playing guitar for a good few years and wanted to get some training in Blues Guitar – perfect.

  • http://www.torvund.net/guitar admin

    Thank you! Feeback like this gives inspiration to continue the work. Spread the words. And if you should happen to buy from any of the vendors with whom I have affiliate agreements – use the links on my site. It is a very simple way to support the site.

  • Ross

    Just wanted to say, i’m in Scotland at the moment and i did search “blues guitar” – you’re the first website listed here, still. So congrats. Amazing site as well, full of great information. Thanks for providing that!

  • Frank

    http://folk.uio.no/olavt/BluesGitar/MP3/06-Takt_9-12_chord_turnaround.mp3 is not working as a link.

    Tak for disse fine sider om blues guitar! jeg har taget mit guitarspil op igen efter 35 år og er startet med blues på akustisk (og min søns el-guitar:-)). God start med dine sider.

    Frank, København.

  • http://none Subhasish

    please send me e_books on blues guitar lessons.

  • http://www.torvund.net/guitar admin

    Sorry, I have nothing to send. What I have is on the net, on this site. Go to http://www.torvund.net/guitar/index.php?page=bluesguitar

  • http://onlinemusic4u.blogspot.com/ sunny

    i like your website so much,it looks so simple and nice.have been playing guitar for two years now,but am still not satify with my level.i have this book from jamorama and it very useful too with all the picture and video instruction,but i still dont know how to plays blues.do you have any package for this?

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  • http://www.rockhousemethod.com/?friend=124571 MJK

    As ‘Gavin said:’ “Your website is brilliant.”

    I have been reading your site for awhile now and finally, today, I have become a subscriber. Simply a brilliant site.

    Thanks for sharing your guitar knowledge.

  • http://www.guitar-classroom.com Online Guitar Lessons

    Love your site, realy good solid info. I live in Holland, and your site is here no 1 for “blues guitar” I hope it wil stay there, for it is a good resource for anyone who wants to improve his/her guitar skills.

  • riverula

    A couple of hours ago I googled “blues guitar” and I am still ejoying your lessons (as surely some more weeks from now). By the way, today you were first in the search results and I am browsing from Chile (South America).

    Thanks a lot!

  • Cherian

    Just to inform you that I googled ‘steps to blues guitar’ from Mumbai,India and this site was listed No.1.

    Thank you for the excellent work you’re doing.


  • Patrick

    Just thought I’d let you know that I searched the new Microsoft search engine – Bing – for “blues guitar”. Your site was the first result! Congratulations. I haven’t had much time to explore, but it looks immensely helpful. Thanks for your hard work!

  • https://www.mojobluesguitarsystem.com/MBGS_blog/ David O’Toole

    Hi Olav. Hey great site, and congrats on getting numbero uno for ‘Blues Guitar’ in the big G. Lots of work gone into this site, you deserve it! Its number one in the listings here in Ireland, although not in the Irish Google though. But that’s normal here. Not to mention that they charge $70 or so for a .ie domain name!

  • elpecek

    Hello! You’re still number one today :-)

  • http://www.guitar-instructions.org/ Joe “Guitar-Instructions” Hawking

    Well done on getting to number one. I really like your site and think you fully deserve the top spot.

    Like Ross, who commented earlier, I’m in Scotland and you are still number one in Google here.

    Keep up the good work.

  • marmalade

    Well done. You are at the top in South Africa too