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I have started to move the “Navigating the Fretboard” or scale section to my reorganized site. It was a section that was a “work in progress” when I decided to rebuild the site. And now it is a transfer in progress and a section to be completed when the transfer is done. So far there are various scale exercises in Box 1 (first position) in G-major. But more will come.

I have not included it in the menu on the main site yet, as it is very far from complete. But as long as you go there after having read this disclaimer, it is OK. You find the section at http://www.torvund.net/guitar/scales/

  • wilson

    escalas para blues

  • mir


  • Bill Howell

    You used to have a section on the old site devoted to various electronic tools (“slowdowner” for ex) and recording studio recommendations. I don’t find it on the new site. Where can I find this now?
    Many thanks.

  • http://www.torvund.net/guitar admin

    The simple reason is that I have not had the time to update this section.

  • Alejandro Valencia

    please……………. i need the scale exercises

  • http://None Maynard

    Hi, I just found your site after I lost it and wanna thankyou for posting all of this music information on scales ect. This has really helped me out. Thanks so much

  • http://yahoo clems

    please send me mails on scale exercises and chord pprogressions.

  • lissa

    yeah i need the scale exercise too ! ! ouch huh

  • http://None Maynard

    I just found your site and wanna thankyou for helping out guys like me. I have been playing for many years, But just never got any good. This site of yours is great and I should learn off of it.
    Thanks again for posting everything.

  • http://olavtorvundsguitar Olusanya

    pls i need scale exercise

  • http://yahoo herbert slater

    sir i will be grateful,if you can send me MAJOR SCALE HARMONIZATION IN SEVENTHS l am getting more interested in playing jazz guitar by the day.please show me which chords i should start practicing as basics, and how to start.

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  • gary


  • DOUG

    thank you olav.
    do you have your own works published for sale?