Arkiv for February, 2008

Bestselling books and videos

Saturday, 2nd February, 2008

You may have noticed that I have included list of bestselling guitar books and bestselling guitar videos.

It is intereseting to see which books and videos people are buying. I see some of my own favourite on the lists. But there are also some surprises. Some long time out of print books are still selling in the second hand market (through Amazon). Stefan Grossman’s first book, his classic Country Blues Guitar is one of the books that seems to be sought after. If you are learning to play, I will recommend some of Stefan’s more recent books (or videos). But it is a classic.

I am also pleased to see one of my favourites, Dominic Pedler’s “The Songwriting secrets of The Beatles”. If you want to learn music theory applied to pop and rock, and a lot about The Beatles, it is my first choice. It is more accessible than Walter Everett’s books if you do not know very much about theory. The majority of the visitors to my site comes from US. This book seems not to be distributed in US, meaning that you have to order it from Europe, either from Amazon UK or MusicRoom. But despite of this, it is among the most bestselling books.