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A few years ago, I featured selected books and videos as “Book of the month”. I will pick books and/or DVDs I will recommend under the heading “Recommended”. (I will not put pressure on my self to pick a new each month).

Rory Block teach Robert JohnsonIn the first installment I have chosen to feature books and videos on the playing of the great bluesman Robert Johnson, under the title “Learning to play Robert Johnson“. There is a clear winner: Rory Block’s two DVDs “Rory Block Teaches the Guitar of Robert Johnson” and “Rory Block Teaches the Guitar of Robert Johnson Vol 2″. But you should also have Robert Johnson’s recordings, for instance “The Complete Recordings”.

Go to Learning to play Robert Johnson for more.

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    Great blog, subscribed to your rss feed. Thanks.

  • James

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  • http://guitarkadia.com Emon

    Block is a great guitarist. And yes, own the Johnson recordings. I remember some 10 years ago I couldn’t stop listening to ‘From 4 Till Late.’ Something about the way it was performed kept me playing it in loop. Considering it was on tape, the loop part was sort of…manual.

    p.s. Looks like ‘James’ came by your blog too and left the exact same comment.

  • niraj

    all blues artist have their own style n feel so they all are good at there own style have anice upcoming days n licten blues song everytime

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