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The Beatles podcasts did not last long on the net. NRKs agreement with two of the three organisations involved only allow NRK to podcast programs containing music for a periode of four weeks after the program was sent. The “Daily Beatles” series was sent in 2007, which mean that it cannot be made available (with the music) as podcasts now. For this reason, the series has been pulled from the net. It was too good to be true.

Go to NRK for further explanations.

  • http://kratom.com Kratom

    They real tight with the music..shame would like ti hear the podcast.

  • http://lespaulzone.com Les Paul

    Sad that they got rid of it. Short lived :(

  • http://integuitar.com Begginers Guitar

    Yeah I better agree with you.. It is really good to be true..

  • http://rhythmstrummer.com Nick


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  • Farmer

    Looks like it was too good to be true.

  • Paul

    Den mest fantastisk innsats. Hvor mange år har det tatt å samle all denne fantastiske informasjon. Takk for at du flid.